Use our on-line ridematch database to find someone who works the same hours and shares your commute. Split travel costs including gas and tolls, and save 50 percent of your costs.

Vanpool groups are a unique way to share the commute. They can save you money, reduce your commuting stress, and reduce your carbon footprint! Once a group of like-minded commuters who have the same (or very similar) commute get together they can lease a vehicle and divide all of the monthly costs including the vehicle rental (includes all maintenance and a loaner if needed), gas, insurance (included in the lease), tolls, and parking where applicable.


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  • Allows for the use of HOV lanes where they are available which reduces travel time for employees.
  • Saves participants money on gas, tolls, insurance, and maintenance.
  • Reduces wear and tear on personal vehicles.
  • Improves air quality by taking more cars off the road.
  • Assists interested employers in implementing pre-tax transit benefits for their employees
  • Makes driving a shared task and provides riders with time to read, nap or even catch up on work, which produces more productive, less stressed employees

Employee vanpool groups not only receive the benefit of an easier, greener commute, but could also qualify for a subsidy that offsets costs associated with the monthly lease. The Massachusetts Commuter Vanpool Program provides a monthly subsidy of up to $600 (not to exceed 50% of the monthly lease cost) to qualifying vanpools that lease their vans directly from a participating vanpool vendor.

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