Basic TMA Programs for Members


Ridematching Database
An on-line regional program where employees can look for carpool or vanpool partners.


Emergency Ride Home Program
Guarantees participants a ride home if they have an emergency on a day when they use alternative to driving alone.


Promoting Active Commuting Options
With the right amenities on-site, biking and walking to work can be viable options for certain employees


Vanpool Formation Assistance
Larger groups interested in sharing the commute can get the support they need to get started.


Marketing Programs
A comprehensive program to promote alternative to driving alone can help your company impact traffic congestion and air quality in the region.


Transit Benefits
Pre-tax benefits can be put into place and an MBTA pass program established (to promote the use of public transportation).


"Last Mile" Connections
“Last mile” connections to transit provide services when non exist now and enable business to share the costs.


Shuttle Services
Shuttle services is currently available between Boston, Cambridge and the Route 3 Corridor. Additional services are being established based upon the needs of the business community.

Additional Programs
Innovative customized solutions for this region.


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